Lyz Chap

I love it!

I watched your video, I can tell Rocky is getting close to ``dog`` heaven thanks to your touch!

Congratulations my friend, I'm getting closer to animals with time too: they are so lively and sincere!

Keep going I'm sure you're going to be successful!

Jean Cameron

My two Golden’s Willy and Libby who are extremely active and hyper went from panting to peace. Vicki Mendelson is caring and sensitive and probably the only person my dogs would settle down with for a massage.

Libby and Willy are golden retrievers and have never really grown up. They are always ready to rough house and play, but after Vicki massaged them, they were incredibly calm and relaxed. Libby even let me clip her toenails after Vicki left, which rarely happens without a struggle.

I know in advance what to expect when I hire Vicki. Willy and Libby are always happy to see her and are super relaxed when she finishes their massage.

Ellen Elchlepp

My dogs Rocky, a mini dachshund, and Molly, a Chihuahua, just had their first canine massage with Vicki. My pups have very different temperaments and problems. Rocky’s 13, arthritic, fearful and very much a one person dog. Molly just had her first birthday and is a skittish, hyper puppy.

I was concerned that they would not relax and trust Vicki, but my concern was completely unjustified.

Both dogs relaxed completely and benefited greatly from Vicki’s massage techniques. After their massages, Rocky’s walk was smoother, and I was amazed to see Molly calm and relaxed. I would recommend Vicki to anyone that has a dog with special needs or who has a dog that deserves a spa day.