Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to provide in order to begin Canine~Touch LLC?

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Information about your dog: its emotional behavior and physical health.

Please download the Canine~TouchLLC Intake and Disclaimer forms:

Canine~TouchLLC Intake Form

Canine~TouchLLC Disclaimer Form

What is most important during my dog's first Canine~Touch treatment?

Vicki with a happy dog after canine physiotherapy

Getting to know your dog and developing a trusting relationship.

Clear communication and positive reinforcement are important.

What else is involved in the initial consultation?

Vicki demonstrating canine massage, a holistic alternative therapy for dogs

The consultation generally lasts between 30 and 45 minutes.

During that time, I will observe how comfortable the dog is while sitting, standing, walking and lying.  I will look for any unusual behaviors in their gait, rhythm or personality.

I perform a series of assessment strokes. My hands move over the entire dog’s body to observe and feel responses to different pressures and movements.

How are assessment strokes determined for my dog?

There are different assessment strokes used over the 6 pathways of the body.

Head and Neck: Frictioning, Skin Rolling
Trunk and Ribs: Cross Skin Rolling and Scratching
Legs and Paws: Joint Mobilization, Positional Release, Toe Stretch
Tail and Lower Spine: Compression on Tail, Rocking the Spine

What is the Best Place to Perform a Private Canine~Touch Therapy Session?

Vicki with a poodle after canine wellness massage therapy

It really depends on where a dog is most comfortable.

Location is best determined by the size of your dog, its behavior and the intent of the therapy session.

Since I generally work in client’s homes, it is important to consider the surroundings there: room size, distractions and other sensory input.

What does Canine~Touch help a dog achieve?

Physically, Canine~Touch LLC helps to relieve pain, dysfunction, soreness and stiffness, increasing range of motion and balance.

Emotionally, once a trusting relationship is developed between a practitioner, the dog and its owner, Canine~Touch helps to build confidence, reduce stress, and discomfort.

The end result is improved mental stimulation and increased range of emotion.

How Often Should I engage my dog in Canine~Touch LLC?

Vicki massaging a small dog relieving stress and muscle tension

From a wellness perspective, every dog can benefit from Canine~Touch. However, every case is individualized depending on the dog’s health condition.

A dog with mobility issues with joints and/or arthritis, or a dog with anxiety issues may benefit from once a week; a show dog or service dog that is moving a lot may benefit from 1-2 times a month.

How does Canine~Touch LLC work with standard veterinary care?

puppy in the arms of a veterinaria

Canine~Touch LLC works in harmony with standard veterinary care.

As a Canine Massage Practitioner, I am not able to diagnose any illness or injury. If I suspect your dog is suffering a health issue, I will recommend you contact your Vet.

How is Canine~Touch LLC Pricing Determined?

A 30-minute session is $45.00. This is most beneficial for smaller breeds, dogs with anxiety and second sessions depending on size and physical need.

A 60-minute session is $90.00 and most beneficial for larger dogs, geriatric dogs and dogs with orthopedic issues. There are always special promotions running throughout the year.


When a new client is referred and books an appointment, you will receive $5.00 off your next session.