Floating Kneecaps

Chunky the Maltese looks playful and energetic after canine massage therapy

27 Feb Floating Kneecaps

Small dogs like Maltese’s, Poodles, Yorkshires and Chihuahuas have a genetic predisposition to Floating Kneecaps also known as Luxating Patellas. What happens is that the kneecap is not sitting in the patella groove so the kneecap tends to pop to the inside.

There are 4 levels are luxating patellas.  Grade 1 is the mildest and Grade 4 is the most severe. In the case of Chunky, a Maltese Poodle, the orthopedic surgeon diagnosed her with a Grade 3 after falling down steep steps. Most likely, surgery was  going to be needed. 

Chunky showed signs of joint pain in her back left leg and kneecap. She bunny hopped everywhere.

On October 28th, she was scheduled for surgery but a family death forced us to postpone. The surgeon recommended we continue to keep her weight in check to limit stress on the joints, do not let her become overly active, begin using  an Orthopedic Supplement and continue daily Canine~Touch.

For the next several weeks, Canine~Touch was done using techniques like compression, rocking, positional release and joint mobilization. This significantly helped to strengthen her tendons and ligaments, relax her quadriceps, increase flexibility in her joints while improving circulation flow. 

Four weeks later…. she began arrogantly moving around and thankfully continues to.