The 12 Body Systems

There are 12 body systems in a canine’s body that depend on each other to maintain life, function, balance, and healing.

How Canine~Touch Benefits the 12 Body Systems:

Integumentary (Skin) System

Stimulates circulation to coat, skin and nerves

Lymphatic System

Reduces the pain associated with inflammation; stimulates lymphatic drainage

Circulatory System

Increases movement of blood and oxygen to muscles and brain; supports venous flow for organ function

Muscular System

Enhances venous flow; helps relieve tightness

Skeletal System

Strengthens tendons and ligaments; increases flexibility in the joints; and blood flow to the bones

Respiratory System

Enhances airflow throughout; breaks up phlegm in lungs

Nervous System

This is the main coordinator of all body systems; enhances flow of cerebral spinal fluid between brain and spine

Digestive System

Supports movement of food from mouth to anus; the digestive system is highly affected by stress

Reproductive System

Creates ambient internal environment; supports processing of the body’s nutrients

Urinary System

Tight lumbar muscles or overactive bladder can be helped by massage to the bladder area

Endocrine System

Helps support the body’s processing and distribution of hormones

Chi or Life Force Energy

The life force energy that helps support all systems